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  • Updated for

Installation & Usage

  • Download the zip and extract the files to any folder.
  • Make sure you have Net4.0 installed.
  • Makes sure you have Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) installed.
  • Make sure you start the 32-bit version wow (“wow.exe”) not wow-64.exe!
  • Make sure World of Warcraft is started as Administrator and that it is set to use DX9 not 11!
  • Make sure MrFishIt is started as Administator
  • Happy botting!

Download Here: MrFishIt 4.0.132

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Comments (16)

  1. Bob

    New version is hanging up whenever i start it, wont even get a window, I start as admin and wow is still setup correctly. And yes I run as administrator, win7 64, and ideas?

  2. Good Job

    I Love you, Nesox for fast updating

  3. Blazin

    So ive used this bot since wotlk had no problems until now (same comp aswell) but know im stuck on something i need help with: when ive started wow and the bot in admin and gonna start the bot i only get the flashy thing when u click a button and it dosen’te start, no msg coming up whats wrong etc and the bots says noting (havent crashed just stands there waiting) anyone know? main comp got win7 tryed on a win8 with the thing that u start the bot in windows 7 thingy same problem there aswell 🙂

    • jim

      Blizzard did anthoer update that i noticed this morning. mine isn’t working now either. i should wait for the next fishit update.

  4. reyalP

    It works! Newest patch, newest update (
    But why Bot can’t use Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm?

    Если бот НЕ забрасывает удочку, но может доставать и лутать рыбу – то пропиши в настройках (settings) – fishing spell – Рыбная ловля.

  5. Martin

    Doesn’t work, nothing happens when I click the button. Running Dx9 and WoW.exe, as I’m supposed to. Just doesn’t work, whatever I try…

  6. yakimoto @.@

  7. totemizon

    mrfishit needs an update for new patch.

    error 17956

  8. Killgo

    MrFishIt: wow build, get error “Current build of wow is not supported! – [17956]

  9. doob

    re Updated plz…

  10. doob

    again update please~~~ please! please! please! T.T

    • Kara

      yeah I won’t lie, I check every day for an update lol I had just started using the bot again the other day and had set the bot for only a half hour since I was going to the store and when I came back WoW had patched and the bot didn’t work anymore lol makes me sad!

      So yeah an update would be nice 😀

  11. Kiloman

    Update please 🙁 I have nightmares since it’s not updated >.<

  12. rusoturisto

    Current build of wow is not supported! – [18019]

    Update please ^_^

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