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MrFishIt updated for MoP


  • Added missing pole id’s, should now detect all poles in the game.
  • Removed the setting for changing the window title.
  • Lure selector removed, replaced with a box where you can write what id the lure has that it should use.
  • “Fishing Spell” added in the settings tab, use this only if your world of warcraft client isn’t English thus the name of the spell is different.

Installation & Usage

  • Download the zip and extract the files to any folder.
  • Make sure you have Net4.0 installed.
  • Makes sure you have Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) installed.
  • Make sure you start the 32-bit version wow (“wow.exe”) not wow-64.exe!
  • Make sure World of Warcraft is started as Administrator and that it is set to use DX9 not 11!
  • Make sure MrFishIt is started as Administator
  • Happy botting!

Download Here: MrFishIt_4.4.4

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