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MrTrackIt merges with MrFishIt !

Here you go people, because I’m lazy i won’t have MrTrackIt in a separate project any more too much updating and uploading and crap each patchday will start moving all my projects into MrFishIt.

Next up is NMorpher and then MrAntiAfk


MrFishIt 4.2.2

How to disable the mother fucking picture sharing in MSN!

So i got really tired of this new and fancy feature added with the new msn client, i used Google and my brain and i found this fine link 🙂

I got happy opened a hex editor but my current build was higher ( 14.0.8089.726 ) than that one so i had to update it !





If ure interested, open the new msn client in IDA, go to sub_564C2A + EE

notice the evil conditional jump ? jnz shot loc_xxxxxx We are gonna change that into: jmp short loc_xxxxxx

So open ure favorite hex editor, go to fileoffset 0x164118 or if you want to try it with a debugger first 0x564D18 🙂

now change the conditional jump (0x74) into a relative jump (0xEB)


And voila after that it should work perfectly sending images as files, Hurr Durr !