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MrFishIt 4.2.1a Released! Anti Afk fixed

Here you go pepole, this one should never go afk 😉

MrFishIt 4.2.1a

MrFishIt 4.2.1 Released

So after long wait ive finally updated MrFishIt for 🙂

Didn’t change alot just updated all the offsets ran it some to make sure it works. I noticed however that it crashes on Lua_DoString sometimes gonna fix that when i get some spare time. Pretty busy at the moment there’s also a problem with UpdateLastHardwareAction. Seems like the GetTimeStamp function always returns 0 dunno why but it’s pretty serious so i have to fix that soon, (one of the main reason that you might get disconnected / logged out)

You can grab it here or from the Mediafire link on mmowned,
MrFishIt 4.2.1

Oh hai thar evrybody!

Ive finally scrapped the old site and decided to start blogging instead, seems like a fun and creative way of doing things if ure bored or something.

This blog will mainley contain information about programming (C#) and reverse engineering of World of Warcraft.

I hope that anyone who reads or follows this blog will learn alot and or start trying out this stuff by themself. If you have any questions feel free to PM me at or just leave a post here 😉